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*Greetings Human

Intro This site is a large and ever growing collection of contributions by the Alien Arena community. The content here dates back to the very first third party map called "Morning Glow City" by Whitelipper on December 21, 2004. If you have anything to contribute please contact me:

*Latest News
Release: Betgeuse Second Beta10/10/14
After much sorting I give you the second beta of the [DO]Betelgeuse pack. The 25 included maps vary in theme from space to underground caverns and just about everything in between. A mammoth sized effort went into creating these, I hope this pack does that effort justice. Please give feedback via the Alien Arena forums.

Download it here. (142 Mb)
MD5Sum: 1ba72c42a353d8d72b14f87927bb73f0

There are some beta maps that won't be included, they can be found here. --------------------------------
News: Packs back online!20/9/14
{CBMP}Animal has kindly offered to host the pack files, this should result in better speeds and hopefully will limit complaints from iPage. Not all files have yet been reinstated. More updates in the next few weeks. --------------------------------
News: Updated 3rd Generation Promotion Material.18/8/14
The next release of Alien Arena will have a whole array of new features. Take a look at the screenshots below to see the upcoming Third Generation of Alien Arena models.

Notice: All packs removed.13/3/14
All packs have been removed due to iPage suspending my account, I'm looking for somewhere to host them and hope to get this sorted shortly. --------------------------------
Notice: Botinfo folder.12/3/14
If you are using svn to update Alien Arena you will need to move the botinfo folder into your arena directory. Eventually this will be fixed in all the archives and in the aa3rdparty svn repository, for now most users will be unaffected. --------------------------------
News: Conexus II.5/1/14
Part Of The Conexus by Dakota has been added to the latest maps section, contains both a CTF and DM version. --------------------------------
Release: Skinmachine + extra skins.23/2/14
After a bit of a delay I have committed skinmachines skins and a few others for the 2nd generation models to svn. The archives are ready and will be on the web site soon.

Release: 2nd Generation Models17/2/14
Due to some errors I made initially I have re-released for testing the g2models + skinmachines skins + some other third party skins. This marks the last steps in releasing the next accessory pack, so test away! The files can be found at: Please put any feedback here or email me at:

Release: 2nd Generation Models6/2/14
Irritant has been hard at work to bring us the third generation of Alien Arena player models, all but two of these models are complete and are looking truly awesome. Unfortunately this means that all the third party skins will no longer work as they are. I have packaged the second generation models and their related skins by SkinMachine for testing. The files can be found at: Please put any feedback here or email me at:

Release: MapPack2k8.5/2/14
MapPack2k8 is finally here, including a huge 81 maps! These maps have always been available via SVN, but many of them needed corrections. Click here to view/download individual maps, or click here to download all of them. Many thanks to all the long lost authors!

Release: MapPack2k13 re-release.21/1/14
I have re-released MapPack2k13, this includes 36 maps, 21 of which were made by [DO]Betelgeuse! This archive is in p7zip format, which saves a huge amount of disk space and bandwidth. All archives will eventually be changed to this format. Click here to view/download individual maps, or click here to download all of them. Enjoy!!

News: Skin downloads removed.5/1/14
I have temporarily removed all the skins downloads as these will not render correctly on the new models. I am working to repack all the original models and their skins so they work along side the new ones without issue.

News: 3rd Generation Martian Models.5/1/14
The third generation of martian models are here! The developers have been extremely busy speeding up the performance of the crx engine, with a huge amount of success. Irritant has used the new found power of the engine to almost double the poly count of what will be the standard martian models, at the same time offering up a martian who is much more sinister looking than his predecessor. Read the announcement here

3rd Generation Martians
News: Added two new maps.5/1/14
Scarecrow Fields by Chang and CTF-Acchupta by Betelgeuse have been added to the latest maps section. Please note that acchupta ctf and dm versions have been merged into one archive. --------------------------------